Family Groups
Weekly Family Gatherings | Fall Semester Registration Opening Soon | Start September 2022

In Family Groups, our primary responsibilities are to communicate the culture of Family, Devotion, Revival, and Hope, not just from a message from the pulpit, but as the reality of Christian life. It’s a place where people can:

•join the family

•develop deep, meaningful relationships

•pursue the Lord through worship, prayer, and intimate gatherings

•contend for a personal culture of revelation & revival that produces fruit corporately

•be ready to give testimony for the reason for their hope


What is a Family Group?

A Family Group is a safe place where people from every walk are accepted without judgement or expectation. It is a place where people come to have relationship and spend time with other brothers and sisters in Christ, learning and growing in culture and community. It is a place to connect and to serve.  It is a place where people go deep with Jesus, and are unhindered in their walk with the Lord.It is a place where people can walk with others to get personal freedom and victory over addictions, habits, and choices.It instills godly identity through teaching, and good Biblical foundations, as well as discussion. A regular weekly meeting that is consistent.

Join a Family Group